Políticas de Reembolso


Refund Policy

- Reimbursement of airline tickets is subject to fare rules. For more information, see the Fare group.

- If the air ticket is non-refundable, you can use it as a method of payment for a new air ticket, which must be in the name of the same passenger as the original air ticket.

- If you cancel your flight for personal reasons, your ticket remains valid for one year where you will have the opportunity to rebook, although you may incur additional fare charges.

- In the event of the passenger´s death, the refund will be granted in accordance with RED´s current policy.

- In the event of passenger illness, reimbursement will be granted in accordance with RED´s current policy. 

- In case of canceled flights, the passenger must contact the airline. 

- Any additional questions or concerns, please send an email to postventa@redair.com.do